Compliance [Accounting, Computation, Return Filing]

We provide all round support in compliance, including in computation of tax payable, filing of periodical returns, accounting& record keeping in Central Excise, VAT, CST and Service Tax.

Compliance Review

In Compliance reviews a complete diagnostic review of transactions is done with respect to implication of taxes,scope for tax optimisation if any, effective compliance and reporting. The records and documents are comprehensively checked with respect to requirement of the same as per law. During the process we identify potential risks and gaps in Internal Control, maintenance of records and documentation and suggest improvements on the same.



Compliance Verification Support

We support in managing compliance verification [investigation, audit, scrutiny etc.] by the Revenue Department pertaining to Indirect Taxation. We aim to ensure that the process is managed professionally. All correspondences and submission of documents are reviewed and vetted to ensure consistency. We identify reporting deficiencies and suggest improvements and proper effective compliance with standardized approach and processes.


We advise on applicability of Indirect Taxes and their implications on business transactions of the clientsincluding applicability of taxes, classification, valuation, eligibility of credit and its quantification, exemptions & abatements and procedural requirements of the same.

Litigation Management

We provide 360 degree support in managing litigation pertaining to Indirect Taxation. This service includes a thorough review and analysis of the facts and legality of the dispute, drafting replies to communications and notices including show cause notices from the department. Representation before the adjudicating and appellate authorities to bring a rational end to the litigation including advising on possible liability that could arise from the litigations.

Transition to GST

ser_3Goods & Services Tax is finally set to see the light of the day. GST is not only the biggest Indirect Tax reform, but a business reform which will change the procedures and practices in which business are managed. It will impact the entire supply and value chain of operations starting from Procurement, Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehousing, Sales and Pricing, etc. It is important that all businesses who are registered with Indirect Tax get acquainted with and prepare themselves to manage the compliance requirements in GST.

Our services in GST starts from broadly educating the clients about GST, provide guidance/ supportin analysing the impact of GST on their business/ products/ profitability, proper implementation of GST with respect to procedures and practices, Systems, Modification in IT software etc. and other customised requirements of Clients.